As the coronavirus continues to spread and the number of people infected increases, the question arises as to what measures are needed in the Industrial environment. We would like to take this opportunity to provide you with some information about this below. 

wunderbar Industrial GmbH, as your service provider of choice for Industrial cleaning, is familiar with many production processes in the commercial sector through its reliable and functional cleaning services and is, therefore, more than willing to support you within the context of virus prevention.

We offer the following preventive measures:

Continuous cleaning of all surfaces where contamination (by touching, sneezing or coughing) may have occurred. Including: Including:

  • Door handles, knobs and fittings in production and administration areas
  • Sanitary zones incl. changing rooms in production and administration areas
  • Staircases and handrails in production and administration areas
  • Cabinet walls, office desks, telephones in production and administration areas as well as all other items that come into contact with human skin, e.g. computer mice, keyboards, Industrial trucks and other logistical elements, operator controls in production environments
  • Ventilation systems in production and administration areas

Disinfecting cleaning according to current disinfection guidelines can also be carried out. However, it is not possible to issue a disinfection certificate according to official requirements.

Utilise current production downtime to have your production facilities and workshops thoroughly cleaned, allowing you to restart production in a clean and flawless state.

Please feel free to contact us – and we will meet your needs without delay.