The cleaning of hazardous dusts is a particularly important and challenging task. Special vacuum cleaners are needed to clean hazardous dusts and achieve perfect quality. This is not only important for a perfectly clean result; hazardous dusts must also be professionally removed to protect the environment and our health.



light – slightly hazardous dusts. This includes ordinary household dust, sand, lime or gypsum. These dusts are harmless.


medium – fairly hazardous dusts. Paint particles, wood dusts or various metal dusts can be classified in this category.


high – highly hazardous dusts. This dust class includes dusts that are hazardous to health and are carcinogenic, such as asbestos, mould spores or lead dust.

Regular, proper removal of hazardous dusts is not only important, but also absolutely necessary. To protect the environment and your own health. We are fully equipped and qualified for each dust class. Using special vacuum cleaners and suitable filters, cleaning hazardous dusts is not a problem for us.