Using dry ice blasting technology, the gentle and thorough cleaning of tools, moulds, surfaces and machines can be achieved with very short setup periods and minimum downtime.

When utilising this method, small granules – so-called pellets – of frozen (-79°C) carbon dioxide are dosed into and accelerated by a stream of compressed air. The pellets cool down considerably upon contact with the surface being cleaned. Due to the varying degrees of temperature-induced shrinkage of the dirt layer and substrate, the brittle film of dirt is ripped open, allowing pellets to penetrate and sublime abruptly.

This obviously blasts the dirt off the substrate. The cleaning effect achieved with this method is thus based on the kinetic energy of the pellets, the brittleness and loosening of the dirt as well as the explosive sublimation of the blasting material.

Dry ice blasting technology is, therefore, particularly gentle on the material and non-abrasive. This method can also be used without any problems for built-in systems and electronics.