Dry Ice Blasting


Blasting with dry ice is low-abrasive cleaning process that is especially thorough and most suited for tooling, dies, technical surfaces and machines, which can be realized with very short set up and change over times.  In this process small pellet beads of frozen carbon dioxide at -79°C are propelled with compressed air through nozzles to the work piece.  The contact of the pellets with the work piece cools it down suddenly.  As a result of the different rates of contraction by the soil and the substrate with the drop in temperature, the soil layer, which has become brittle, is easily carried away.  Pellets penetrate the soil film and sublimate spontaneously.  This causes the soil to burst away from the substrate.  The cleaning effect from this process is based on the kinetic energy of the pellets, the creation of a brittle, loose soil layer, and the explosive sublimation of the blasting pellets.

Chemical additives are not required.